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Alabama Crime Victims
Compensation Commission

There is Hope. There is Help.


Our Agency

   In an effort to alleviate hardships suffered by victims of crime, the Alabama Legislature passed the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation
Commission Law on June 1, 1984. Alabama's compensation law covers a variety of expenses for which compensation is paid. The Alabama
CrimeVictims Compensation Commission provides the only substantial financial compensation to victims for expenses for personal injuries
including medical, funeral and counseling bills. This assistance lessens the financial burden on innocent victims of violent crime and serves
as a vehicle of hope for the rights of crime victims. Our state law is unique. It requires a victim or family member of a victim of violent crime
to serve on the three-member Commission which hears victim compensation cases. This provision insures that claims are reviewed from the
victim's standpoint. Now there is hope for victims of crime. You can begin the healing process by calling the Alabama Crime Victims
Compensation Commission.


Our Mission

   "The mission of the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission is to provide financial compensation to eligible victims of violent
crime all the while treating them with compassion, fairness, and respect. The Commission works within the State for advocacy of victims’ right.
We strive to give victims and their families hope."

To learn more about our agency and its history, please feel free to download our latest annual report.