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Our law is unique in that it requires that our three-member Commission include a victim of violent crime who has suffered serious personal injury or is a member of such victim's immediate family or member of a deceased victim's immediate family if the deceased victim died as a result of the violent crime. This provision insures that each claim is viewed through the eye of a victim and is seen as objectively as possible.

The law also provides that one member be a law enforcement officer with a minimum of 10 years experience in or with a law enforcement agency which has among its primary duties and responsibilities the investigation of violent crimes. Again, a certain perspective lends itself to the decision making process.

Commissioner Holly Brown OwensHolly Brown-Owens, Ph.D.

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Commissioner Miriam Shehane

Miriam Shehane

Miriam Shehane was appointed to the original Commission in 1984 for a four-year term by Governor George Wallace and was re-appointed by Governor Guy Hunt in 1988. She served until 1992 and was re-appointed in July 1993 by Governor Jim Folsom, July 1998 by Governor Fob James and July 2001 by Gov. Siegelman. She is a former banker and has worked as the Victim Service Officer in the District Attorney's Office in Montgomery and as the Supervisor of the Attorney General's Office of Victim Assistance. Mrs. Shehane's dedication to the victims' movement in Alabama has been acknowledged throughout the nation where she has been asked to speak at national conferences on victims' issues. Mrs. Shehane was one of the founding members of VOCAL, Victims of Crime and Leniency, and has served on the Board since its inception in 1982. She found out about trauma of victimization first hand when her 21 year old daughter Quenette, was murdered in 1976 while enrolled at Birmingham Southern. Commissioner Shehane resides in Clio, Alabama.